White Papers and Presentations

White Papers

Valuation – Do You Know What Your Company Is Worth?

The decision to sell your business has a huge potential impact on your financial situation, your current employees, and the growth prospects for your business after the sale.  But before you can sell your business it’s important to place a value on it so that you and the buyer can agree on a purchase price.

This white paper discusses three approaches to placing a value on your company.  These are the Asset Approach, the Market Approach and the Income Approach.  The white paper also mentions a few other factors that add to the value of a business.


PowerPoint Presentation: Three Achilles Heels of Deals

This PowerPoint presentation was given to a group of business owners who were thinking of selling their companies. It is a brief summary of three key issues that can affect the value of a company. These key issues are: (1) owner dependence, (2) business concentration, and (3) compliance. If you are considering the sale of your company, then download the PDF and read on. Be aware of these three issues to obtain the best transaction price possible.


10 Ways to Make Your Business More Valuable.

If you are thinking of selling your company then you’re also likely wondering if it’s attractive to potential buyers and investors. This checklist will highlight areas to review so you can identify potential gaps and opportunities that can increase your company’s value. Most companies can use improvements before they are placed on the market (or before beginning to seek growth capital) and these initiatives can take time to implement. Learn what you can do now to increase your company’s value so you are ready when the time comes to sell (or seek growth capital).