What We Do

Company Overview

Illes Investment Banking helps business owners and operators move their enterprise to the next level.  That sometimes means we help independent business owners to sell their company, or to help business owners, CEOs or M&A consultants find companies they can acquire to expand their businesses.  Sometimes it means that we help companies raise capital to grow their business – to meet market demand, or to build the organization larger for a future sale.

John Illes, Founder and CEO of Illes Investment Banking is also a Managing Director with Merit Harbor Capital, a Washington state based investment banking firm.  John works with Merit Harbor Capital for all investment banking activities. Together they have experience running and selling small to medium sized companies and they know what it takes to build an organization. They pride themselves on listening to their clients and partnering with them to provide new opportunities for personal or organizational growth.

In 2016 John started the Illes Investment Banking organization to develop a presence on the Internet.  He utilizes this venue to share information about investment banking and to help companies in need of his services.

For more information about Merit Harbor Capital please visit this page or visit their website at www.MeritHarborCapital.com.

Areas of Expertise

Illes Investment Banking specializes in three market areas:

  • Consumer goods
  • Manufacturing
  • Government Services & Defense

Frequently Asked Questions

What makes us unique?

First and foremost we are business operators and we have sat in your seat. We understand the realities of running a lower to middle market business and the investors in this space…..so we understand what is important to you. This means that we help prospective buyers and investors to really understand your company and what makes it unique. We are not business brokers or recent business school graduates. Our practical real-world experience allows us to bridge the gap between lower middle market companies and institutional buyers and investors.

How do I understand and evaluate my options?

Understanding your goals, helps us to identify your options. For most owners, running a broad but focused auction process makes viable buyers aware of your company and places them in competition thereby providing the seller with several sell side options. Multiple options allow you to decide which buyer is best for your company and your legacy. We also realize that a successful transaction provides growth opportunities for the company, its employees, community and partners.

If I already have a buyer, why do I need Illes Investment Banking?

For most business owners, selling a business is a once in a lifetime experience. Having an experienced partner in your corner gives you the leverage to secure the best overall transaction. Plus, selling a business can be a full time endeavor and you don’t want to put your business at risk while you focus on a transaction that may or may not happen. Let us handle the sale process for you so that you can focus on your greatest asset, your business.

Who does Illes Investment Banking charge for its services?

Fees are dependent upon the size and complexity of a potential engagement but typically take the form of a monthly commitment fee and a success fee. The monthly fee helps to defray some of our marketing and compliance costs while staying focused on the big prize, a completed transaction. We do not work on a purely contingent basis as we require a level of organization and financial commitment from our clients that ensures that we only engage serious, dedicated clients not those companies testing the waters for “a good deal”.

How does Illes Investment Banking maintain confidentiality?

All of our work is confidential. Our clients approve all marketing materials and buyers lists so that they know with whom we are talking. Prospective buyers execute non-disclosure agreements that protect our clients’ identity and intellectual property. Throughout the process we work to ensure confidentiality. We help our clients maintain confidentiality with appropriate disclosers to the organization and others in a systematic and planned way so as to minimize the disruption on the business while involving key players.

Why should I hire someone to sell my business?

Selling a business is a full time job with specialized skills like any other profession. That’s all that we do all day long. Having a dedicated investment banker with significant transaction experience and a proven process will yield better options and values rather than having to invest the process yourself. While you could try to sell your business by yourself, you’d probably create more value working on your business. We are working with buyers/sellers/investors all day long. That’s all that we do so we understand the current state of the market to get the best opportunity for our clients. Our clients create the most value by being focused on driving their business.

Sell Your Company

We can help you find the best buyer for your $10 and $150 million company.

Buy A Company

Contact us to expand your company via acquisition.

Raise Growth Capital

Let us know if you need capital to grow your company.